Advanced photo stitching, video stitching and image alignment software solutions

Our SharpStitch technology enables high-precision merging and alignment of photos and videos. We also provide custom software development services utilizing the SharpStitch .NET library.

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Cutting-edge image processing algorithms

Our proprietary photo and video stitching algorithms are some of the most advanced in the world

Photo stitching

Fully automated high-quality photo stitching from any source (including digital microscopes), extensive lens support (including fish-eye lenses), 360° panorama support, flexible calibration, and more.

Video stitching

Real-time or offline video stitching and processing (via USB, IP or LAN) from any source (including surveillance cameras, GoPro cameras, drone cameras, and more), with advanced automatic and manual alignment support.

Image alignment

Advanced algorithms to tile images, render huge mosaics, detect features - while correcting multiple types of distortion.

Image processing

Advanced lens calibration, color correction, advanced cropping, distortion correction, HDR imaging, and many more advanced features.

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SharpStitch is being used by small and large organizations all around the world

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