Case Study: POSM

One of our first customers - POSM (Pipeline Observation System Management) - asked us for help with extending their Panomorph software. We have happily accepted this task and made the plumbing code between customer's software and SharpStitch and helped them with integration.

SharpStitch: Image alignment and stitching library for .NET


  • Fully automatic image alignment and stitching workflow
  • Feature detection, matching, bundle adjustment and blending can be used separately
  • Library can be used from user code or from command-line
  • Modular architecture
  • Contains job class for running stitching process on a separate thread
  • XML project file support
  • 16-bit color depth support
  • Supports over 50 image formats including JPEG 2000, HD Photo, HDR formats and RAW camera formats
  • Compati