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We are happy to help you with your image processing projects

"Need image stitching or processing?"

Our SharpStitch technology can help you perform high-quality merging of photos and videos. It can also perform image alignment, matching, correction, processing, as well as camera calibration.

Use the contact form to tell us about your project and any specific needs you have. We will get back to you shortly.

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We are based in Czech Republic, EU.


How to work with us

1. Contact us with a brief description of your objectives.

2. We will request sample images or video clips and further information if needed.

3. We will send you sample output, and prepare a demo desktop or command line application for you that uses the SharpStitch library, written in C# or Visual Basic NET. This is free of charge.

4. You purchase a SharpStitch license. It includes tech support and software updates for 1 year.

5. We will provide you with the source code for the demo application.

6. Your programmers can take it from here, OR, you can order our efficient software development services to make further improvements to the demo application or to the SharpStitch library itself. (Our usual rate is $500 / day).

7. (Optional) You can purchase a source code license upgrade. If you do, your programmers can modify and improve the SharpStitch library directly. You can also co-operate with us on these improvements. The source code license also acts as an insurance for your organization, in case we are not able to assist you in the future for any reason.

8. (Optional) After 1 year, you can renew your license to get tech support and updates for another year. The renewal is cost-effective (usually about 20% of the original purchase price).

9. (Optional) At any point, you can order our consulting services for solving complex imaging or image processing problems, optimizing any step in your workflow, applying best-practices, and more. (Our rate depends on the task.)

We look forward to working with you and helping you drive your projects to successful completion.

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