Our Services

Consulting Services

We provide consulting in the areas of

  • Image processing (image stitching, image resizing, color processing, filters)
  • Digital photography (panoramic photography, HDR photography)
  • WPF or Windows Forms (GUIs, custom graphic controls)
  • Parallel processing, optimizations
  • Algorithms, 3rd party libraries

Consulting can save you precious time as we have years of experience in the above areas. We can also help you make better informed decisions concerning software design and implementation.

How to order consulting services

Please contact us directly by e-mail or contact form with your requirements. We usually respond within 24 hours.

Consulting Retainer

Our mission is to provide top-notch and timely customer care so that you never have to wait for an answer too long.

We have designated a monthly fee for customers who need to be sure having us available when needed. Although our customer base is growing, we want to be steadily available to our long-term customers. Hence we offer Consulting Retainer containing the following advantages:

  • Minimum 5 days of consulting available every month, guaranteed
  • Consulting work started within 2 weeks at the latest, guaranteed
  • High priority when commencing new projects
  • 1 hour of consulting pre-paid every month (e-mail, chat, helping with the code)

Consulting retainer order form

Custom Coding

We can help you with implementing our products in your custom scenarios:

  • Add new features, extend or adjust product to fit your need
  • Create small software projects demonstrating how to use a product in your custom scenario
  • Create GUI (WPF or Windows Forms), wrappers, interfaces or other pieces of code you may require
  • Write custom algorithms
  • Write unit tests

The code can be written in C# or Visual Basic. We usually work with Visual Studio 2010/2012 and .NET Framework 4.0/4.5.

We can write a technical documentation for larger projects and always provide full source code.

Extended Product Support

In addition to default support, we can assist you with using our products in your environment.

This includes analyzing your project (e.g. using Remote Desktop) and help you with any problems. We will also help you with best practices and guide you to optimal usage of our products.

Case Studies

POSM Software - Stitching of unwrapped pipe snapshots

Syspro Consulting Ltd. - Real-time video stitching from multiple surveillance cameras