We provide consulting and software development services in the areas of image stitching and processing


We can help you with:

  • Image processing (image stitching, image resizing, color processing, lens calibration, distortion corrections, filters, and more)
  • Digital photography (panoramic photography, HDR photography, computational photography)
  • Imaging software UX design (Microsoft .NET WPF or Windows Forms, custom graphic controls)
  • Parallel processing, optimizations
  • Advanced algorithms, 3rd party graphical libraries integration

Consulting can save you a significant amount of time as we have years of experience in the above areas. We can also help you make better-informed decisions concerning software design and implementation.

Software Development

We can help you with integrating or modifying our SharpStitch technology to suit your scenarios:

  • Add new features, extend or adjust product to fit your needs
  • Create sample software projects demonstrating how to use SharpStitch in your custom scenario
  • Create GUI (WPF or Windows Forms), wrappers, interfaces or other pieces of code or software components you may require
  • Write custom algorithms
  • Write unit tests

The code can be written in Microsoft .NET C# or Visual Basic. We usually work with Visual Studio 2010/2012 and .NET Framework 4.0/4.5.

We can write a technical documentation for larger projects and always provide full, high-quality source code.

Extended SharpStitch Support

In addition to the default support, we can assist you with using SharpStitch in your environment.

This includes analyzing your project (e.g. using Remote Desktop) and helping you resolve any problems. We will also help you with best practices recommendations and guide you to optimal usage of our products.

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